2014-15 California Open Enrollment List

There are approximately 6.2 million California students enrolled in 9,846 public schools governed by 1050 school boards.  In order for a school to stay off the annual Open Enrollment List, the school must have an academic performance score of 800. (However, due to the current formula 4% of schools with scores of 800 and above also appear on list).

The 2014-15 List indicates a wide range of scores for these under-performing schools ranging from an extreme low score of 374 to a high score of 811. The list reflects 515 school districts across 53 counties.  In addition, there are 556 (56%) schools that scored in the 700-799 range; 328 (33%) schools scored in the 600-699 range; 55 (5.5%) schools scored in the 500-599; 10 (1%) schools scored in 400-499 range, and 2 schools scored in 300-399 range.

Click the link below to view the 2014-15 list

2014-15 School List

The list is arranged in alphabetical order by county.   Parents who desire to enroll their child in a higher-performing school by submit their application by December 31.

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