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If my school is on the Open Enrollment list, can I apply for multiple school transfers to schools with higher API scores?

Yes! The Open Enrollment Act does not place a limit on transfer applications.

How does the Open Enrollment Act affect English-Learner/Limited English Proficient (EL/LEP) students or students identified to receive special education services?

Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) have the same right to transfer to a higher-performing school in the state of California. English learners have the right to receive EL programs and services at the new school to which they transfer under the Open Enrollment Act.

When will the Open Enrollment list be posted for the next school year?

The new list for the next school year will be posted in the late fall of that school year, usually between September and November.

Is there a District Open Enrollment and a State Open Enrollment?

Yes. Many districts have their own form of Open Enrollment. The Open Enrollment we are targeting is statewide, and we call it “Open Enrollment – Romero Act.”

Do districts always accept all applications?

No. Districts can decide to reject an Open Enrollment – Romero Act application under a few conditions (overcrowding, detrimental effects to school diversity, etc.). We recommend you submit at least 3 transfer applications.

If you are rejected, you can contact us at, so we can assist you in reviewing the rejection.

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