The Open Enrollment Act (Romero)

Is your child attending a “failing” school? If so, then your child can attend any higher-performing school in CA! Take action today!

Parents – You have choices. You have rights. Use them.

In January 2010, the Open Enrollment Act (Romero) became law.  It requires that every year the California Department of Education release the list of 1000 chronically under-performing schools in California.  Parents need to know that if their child is enrolled in one of these schools. Parents also need to know the Open Enrollment Act provides them with the right to transfer their child to a higher performing school that has space availability.

Parents must submit their transfer application to current school district by December 31. No permission is required!

Go to the “The 2014-15 California Open Enrollment List”  tab above to find out more information.  See if your child’s school is on the list and decide your next move!

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